Aithine (aithine) wrote in peacemakers,


I'm on a screencapping kick lately *g*, and have created a gallery for the first episode as well as the promo pics that I grabbed from the USA site when it was up. (I'm working on the rest of the episodes, but uploading's taking a while, since there are about 12,000 caps for all the eps except the first one, which has about 19,000. *g*)

I didn't do any color correction or brightening, but the caps are 1080x720, so it's easy to do whatever you want with them. :)

The galleries are here.

Could I get a screencaps tag, please? :)
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I just wanted to say thank you for doing the screencaps! They are great.
You're most welcome. :) And thanks for letting me know you're finding them useful! *vbg*
I'm seconding gatechic, who sent me the link.

You are my hero. ♥
Hee! You're most welcome. *vbg*
do you have any screencaps for the 'tech' scenese... forensic images?