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Story link: "Into the Parlor"

Hello! I just joined--[personal profile] arduinna recommended this comm to me quite a while back, but I didn't have a journal then. Now I do!

I adored Peacemakers from the start (thanks to friends recommending it to me), and it's still one of my favorites. During the most recent Yuletide exchange, I luckily had the chance to write a Peacemakers story (which of course meant I had to rewatch a bunch of episodes, oh darn :D ). If you're interested, here's the info:

Into the Parlor (4475 words) by faviconDorinda
Fandom: Peacemakers
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Larimer Finch/Jared Stone
Characters: Larimer Finch, Jared Stone

Where the marshal lives and works, there is an unfinished room.

Calibrating from other stories I saw listed here (like Arduinna's, and Keiko Kirin's), I'd say you'll find the slash element slight--I mean, it's a primary emotional underpinning, but the surface appearance is very subtle. For what that's worth.
Tags: fanfiction
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