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Once upon a time, after The Dead Zone and Monk but before Psych, there was Peacemakers.

Peacemakers was a short-lived western that aired on USA in fall of 2003. Only nine episodes were produced before it was canceled, but it had a lot of potential. The fandom is a yuletide staple, and - since new stories are less than two months away - I thought a pimping post would be a good idea. Especially since the fandom's relatively unknown.

Plus I'm greedy and would love some more Peacemakers fanfiction to read.

The series is set in Silver City, Colorado, sometime in the late 1800s. (The actual date is arguable because of a few minor continuity errors.) The Old West and modern times coexist side by side, and the difference between the older and younger generations has never been more noticeable. It's a time when gunfighters and Civil War veterans are still commonplace but new technologies such as telephones and forensics are pushing their way into everyday life.

Major Characters

Meet Marshal Jared Stone, played by Tom Berenger. He's a veteran of the Civil War and tends to cling pretty tightly to the old ways whenever possible. Even though he reluctantly uses some of the new technology that's emerging since he knows he has to move with the world or get left behind, it doesn't mean he has to like it. He's very stubborn but fiercely loyal to those he thinks deserve his trust. He's getting older, but he doesn't like to admit it ... especially to himself.

Meet Detective Larimer Finch, played by Peter O'Meara. The son of missionaries, when we first meet Finch he's a by-the-book Pinkerton Detective who studied at Scotland Yard and who is fluent in several languages. He embraces the new technologies with open arms, and he is very familiar with the emerging field of forensic science. Although he and Stone are complete opposites in many ways, they both have a strong sense of justice. When a case brings him to Silver City, he ends up staying when he realizes he can do much more good there than working as a Pinkerton.

Meet Katie Owen, played by Amy Carlson. She's the town mortician and emergency medic when Doc Gates isn't there. She attended several years of medical school before dropping out to raise her younger sister after the death of their parents. Katie often helps Stone and Finch with their investigations, and she is slowly learning the role forensics can play in her field.

Minor Characters

Meet Chipper Dunn, played by Colby Johannson. A young man who helps Stone run the jail, he acts as an unofficial (for most of the season, at least) deputy for the marshal.

Meet Luci Prescott, played by Barbara Tyson. She's the town madam and owner of the saloon. It appears that she's been in an on-and-off relationship with Stone for years, one that's equal parts business and pleasure - for both of them. She passes information along to Stone when it involves cases that are going on, but she's very protective of her working girls when there's a case that involves her business.

Meet Amy Owen, played by Elizabeth Rice. She's Katie's younger sister and in her mid-teens. Although she's a fairly minor character, her presences plays an important role in explaining some of the decisions that Katie makes.

Meet Twyla Gentry, played by Bellamy Young. She runs the local newspaper and typically won't stop at anything to get a story. Very strong-willed and independent, she rarely gives up when she puts her mind to something.

Meet Cole Hawkins, played by James Remar. A mostly retired gunfighter, he's known Stone since the Civil War. The two have therefore known each other for decades and have quite a colorful past.

There are several more recurring characters (Mayor Smith, Doc Gates, Isaac Cross, Babbles, Ralph the bartender, etc.) as well as a few memorable one-shot characters (such as Miranda Blanchard who's played by Julie Benz.) For the sake of my sanity, however, I'm not going to go into details on all of them here. I'd be here all night if I tried.

As I said earlier, the show didn't get much of a chance to get started. The two most recent western (or western-based) television series that had aired - The Magnificent Seven and Firefly - had both been canceled rather quickly, and USA didn't fight very much to keep the show afloat when it didn't draw in the viewers they were hoping to get. Because of this fact, the fandom is almost nonexistent outside of Yuletide - which is very sad considering the potential for awesome fanfiction.

The episodic format of solving a mystery/crime as well as the close friendships that form between the various characters offers a lot of potential for gen. Subtext (and in a few cases text) offers potential for het as well as slash. There's even some plausible femslash that doesn't require too much squinting.

(I'll try to get together a list of all Peacemakers fanfiction that I know of sometime in the next couple of days.)

If anyone's interested, I've uploaded the all of the images that USA had on their website when the show first aired as well as the ones that CMT had on theirs when it temporarily was shown on that channel. None of them are very high quality, but they're better than what you can find in most places.

USA - 807 kilobytes, zipped file
CMT - 3.72 megabytes, zipped file

I've also uploaded the working scripts for each episode that USA made available on their website when the show first aired. Please not that there are some differences between these and the aired episodes - including some scenes that were deleted for time. While their basis in canon is debatable, they're a fun read - especially for fanfiction purposes.

Working Scripts - 2.96 megabytes, zipped file with 9 .pdf files

Please feel free to point people toward this post. That's the only way this fandom's going to get the long-delayed love it deserves.

ETA: I posted this in my own journal earlier today to introduce some people on my friends list to Peacemakers, and I thought that it might be a good idea to post it here as well.
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