kimmilein (kimmilein) wrote in peacemakers,

Hi from an old and new fan!


Greetings from someone who loved Peacemakers when it was all too briefly broadcast on USA, and has fallen in love with it again on hulu!  (Thank GOD for hulu - I just got reaquainted with my Airwolf obsession there, too...)  Thank you for keeping this community alive, no matter how long ago the series was pulled.  I am a lover of the series that were taken away too soon for their time (Peacemakers, Dresden Files, John Doe, Moonlight, etc...) so having online communities like these simply keeps them alive for me.  Thanks again!

And I am a huge fanfic lover, if not a writer.  I am into way too many fandoms - Peacemakers is just one of MANY.  I love all of the fics that are here and on the site as well.  Thank you for posting all sites where Peacemaker fic can be found - I just wish to heck there were more out there.  I love partner fic - The Sentinel and Stargate Atlantis have some of the best buddy fic out there - so I wish there was more Stone/Finch buddy fic out there to keep me entertained.  

So anyway, I'm done with my rambling.  Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this forum, that Peacemakers is still out there being broadcast (yay!), and to please keep up the good fight.

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